“Bored, jaded, jobless and disappointed. So-called Generation X thought they had it all until the mid-nineties in Britain. Thatcher’s children assumed they were going to be rich and famous, but the rapidly changing times dictated otherwise. They carried the baby boomers on their backs, held demonstrations and flipped the middle finger at the authorities. The so-called Chemical Generation had a ball for a year or two, but what about before and after? The Addict grew up in the deepest, darkest seventies, survived the threat of nuclear war, observed from a distance as the Berlin Wall came down and heard about the Fall of the Iron Curtain on the evening news. A personal take on events, The Addict grew up in provincial England and suddenly found herself living out her forties in Berlin. Flashbacks take on a very different meaning when Generation X finally admits that its all grown up, but for The Addict, it’s all just a dream. Or is it?”